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Your Architecture of the next Generation

ClassiX® Software GmbH is an owner-managed Technology company that uses highly-developed, high-performance software tools and modules to create flexible and sustainable solutions.

Based on our innovative ClassiX® architecture, we supply our customers with the CyberEnterprise® digital platform, an intelligent business-oriented operating system with more than 1,200 standardised software components based on an object-oriented database for the representation of complex business processes.

The software modules – comparable to an industrial production – can be assembled with new functions created by us or the applying companies.

This results in an extreme acceleration of the development with the possibility of agile prototyping of several variants of fully functional programs.

The high quality of standardised software components and business objects, which have been in use under load for long-period, reduce the start-up risk to the barest minimum. The self-learning ClassiX ® Algorithm thus becomes an information logistics that enables smart innovations.

This enables you to master the digital transformation of your business in a short time.



Innovative Architecture

The consistent object-oriented Classix model has been in use for more than 20 years at internationally operating Companies of different industries.More …

Quick Implementation

Thanks to a short lead time and minimal administrative efforts,our agile approach
after a short period of time have lead to productive usable results. More …

Solution Inclusive

We have given the view of the project world a new Interpretation
in order to give our partners the best idea and to preserve the interest of our customers. More….