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Digital Transformation

The advancing digital transformation of the global economy forces every company to rethink its own business processes and even business models.

Digital transformation means to get the big picture. From all information available one must find and extract only that data, relevant and essential for your business. This data must then be consolidated according to your business model. Business processes must be modelled beyond borders, while new requirements must be integrated seamlessly.

Furthermore, speed of transformation is crucial, as businesses must keep up with technological progress. Technical innovation and improvements must be deployed instantaneously. but a system that can connect all existing solutions securely and allow new applications to be created.

Without – new and innovative – software change can not be carried out.

Digital platform CyberEnterprise®!

Whether you want to modernize the software in your company, expand the software, or use entirely new software solutions, you need an innovative software system, a type of a business OS (operating system), that can safely connect all existing solutions and create new applications very quickly. These new applications must, in particular, be capable of enabling the integration of cyber-physical systems.

With our digital platform CyberEnterprise® developed according to the Octopus principle, you are able to integrate the company’s complex complexity into your business, integrate existing traditional standard solutions and integrate completely new sub-systems.

On all topics, our digital platform CyberEnterprise®, together with the intelligent apps from our AppsWarehouse®, provides an universally valid solution that is and remains flexible in the long term.

Start into the future!

We would be pleased to provide you with a personal interview with our experts in the field of digital transformation with our digital platform CyberEnterprise®.

Octopus principle

Why the Octopus principle gives you great flexibility for the future can be found here.


Find an overview about our concept and ideas at www.cyberenterprise.de

ClassiX Architecture

Further technical information on our innovative architecture can be found at www.instantview.org

Our AppsWarehouse®

Instantly usable apps can be found at www.appswarehouse.de

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Digital transformation

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