Octopus digital solutions

Our AppsWarehouse® – The goldmine for every “standard solution”

The Octopus principle resolves the boundaries between the data silos of traditional, monolithic applications. The applications listed below – traditionally referred to as “standard solutions” – are only to be understood as a solution-oriented compilation of ready-made apps from our AppsWarehouse®.

Because each of these “standard solutions”:

  • is compatible with any other “standard solution”,
  • can be transferred from one “Standard Solution” to another,
  • can be extended to a complete ERP system by adding other apps
  • and can be adjusted as required without losing the release capability.

Of course, all solutions are based on our digital platform CyberEnterprise®.

This is the Octopus principle!

GESTIN-77 – Inventory Sampling

Manageable, easy and efficient – learn how to reduce your inventory costs by 90 percent. More …

Pythia – Anti-Terrorism-Screening

Protect yourself and your company against violations of the export control system. More …

Vulcan – Variant Management

Master and design your variety far beyond the product configuration. More …

Juno – Extended CRM

Software for the management, organization and control of all relationships which are important for the success of the company. More …

Titan – ERP-System

Cover all business processes which include; purchasing, manufacturing,sales, warehousing and shipping. More…