Octopus digital solutions

Our AppsWarehouse® – The goldmine for every "standard solution"

The Octopus principle resolves the boundaries between the data silos of traditional, monolithic applications. The applications listed below – traditionally referred to as “standard solutions” – are only to be understood as a solution-oriented compilation of ready-made apps from our AppsWarehouse®.

Because each of these “standard solutions”:

  • is compatible with any other “standard solution”,
  • can be transferred from one “Standard Solution” to another,
  • can be extended to a complete ERP system by adding other apps
  • and can be adjusted as required without losing the release capability.

Of course, all solutions are based on our digital platform CyberEnterprise®.

This is the Octopus principle!



Find an overview about our concept and ideas at www.cyberenterprise.de

ClassiX Architecture

Further technical information on our innovative architecture can be found at www.instantview.org

Our AppsWarehouse®

Instantly usable apps can be found at www.appswarehouse.de

Hestia – WMS

The intelligent warehouse logistics solution.

Pandora – Smart Apps

A first introduction to the CyberEnterprise digital platform.

CarPrio – Used Car Trade

Software for buying, selling and managing vehicle inventory.

Salus – Ticket System

Software for ticket systems

Eunomia – Flextime

Software for attendance and absence management

Plutos – Accounting

Software for financial and asset accounting, cost accounting and project controlling

Klio – DMS

Librarianship and Document Management Software

Kalliope - Multilingual Dictionary

Software for technical and commercial translations

Hermes – Web Shop

Software for e-commerce
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