Octopus solutions

Our AppsWarehouse® – The goldmine of every “standard solution”

The Octopus principle resolves the boundaries between traditional, monolithic applications. Therefore, the following applications listed below, which is traditionally referred to as “standard solutions” are only to be understood as sub-groups of finished apps from our AppsWarehouse®.

Each of these “standard solutions”:

  • is compatible with any other “standard solution”
  • can be transferred from one “Standard Solution” to another.
  • can be extended to a complete ERP system by adding other apps.
  • and can be adjusted as required without losing the release capability.

All solutions are based on our Octopus digital platform.

This is the Octopus principle!

GESTIN-77 – Inventory Sampling

Manageable, easy and efficient – learn how to reduce your inventory costs by 90 percent. More …

Pythia – Anti-Terrorism-Screening

Protect yourself and your company against violations of the export control system. More …

Vulcan – Variant Management

Master and design your variety far beyond the product configuration. More …

Juno – Extended CRM

Software for the management, organization and control of all relationships which are important for the success of the company. More …

Titan – ERP-System

Cover all business processes which include; purchasing, manufacturing,sales, warehousing and shipping. More…