GESTIN-77-Inventory Sampling

Reduce your inventory processes by up to 95% with GESTIN-77

The Commercial Code stipulates that every merchant has to set up an inventory for the end of each financial year.

However, a physical inventory of the assets at the closing date is difficult and not economical for companies with large and distributed warehouses.

This is why the german legislature provided the possibility of using inventory simplification procedures in 1977.

HGB § 241

  1. When establishing the inventory, the stock of the assets may be determined by type, quantity and value using recognised mathematical-statistical methods based on random samples.
  2. The procedure shall comply with the principles of proper accounting.
  3. The value of the inventory established must be equal to the value of the inventory set up on the basis of a physical inventory.

In Austria and Switzerland sampling is also allowed for the inventory.

The inventory attendants of ClassiX Software GmbH advise you which warehouse organisation should be applied and which processes should be used in order to drastically reduce the amount of physical inventory and the inventory costs.

In addition to conceptual ideas and pragmatic solutions, GESTIN-77 offers a concrete implementation aid in order to achieve the desired optimisation goal in a short period.

Inventory Procedures Overview

awvtitel_inventurverfahren_cmyk_classix_kleinThe lack of inventory simplification is usually justified by ignorance of the alternatives or uncertainty as to whether simplifications are valid for your financial statements. The information gaps have to be closed with reasonable effort. We recommend to all interested parties, e.g The independent information brochure of the AWV (order form).

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