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Software for mobile workers with changing workstations

According to Statisca GmbH, computers were used in 95% of all German companies in 2018. However, these computers are not just classic network clients in the form of the Windows-PC on the LAN – cable, but also mobile devices with increasing usable tendency.

This was the case because, notebooks, tablets and smartphones provide remote access to devices, services and locations in an increasingly virtualized environment.

The technological breakthrough associated with these innovative systems are called Bring-your-own-Device (ByoD), Mobility, Cloud Computing, Machine-to-Machine-Communication (M2M) as well as Server- and Desktop-Virtualisation.

The high degree of diversification in the terminal device and new transmission channels of data in the company lead to the question of who is allowed to use which data and applications, when, where, how and for what purpose.

Juno is our contribution to support different mobile strategies and to provide a 360-degree view of all connections that are relevant to the success of the company.

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The advantages

For the Management

Scalable solutions based on different operator and financing models, that take into account the requirements of IT security, resources and budget limits.

Efficiency Enhancement
All data are immediately available online and are therefore usable irrespective of the place and times

Employee Satisfaction
The implementation of ByoD strategies correspond to the expectation of young people to a modern employer and increase employee satisfaction

For operational business

Through the business process integration fast information exchange with the back-office

Sale’s tools
Comprehensive tool for managing mail, appointments, contacts and resources.

Juno has an easy-to-use interface.

For  IT

Little effort for installation and operation

Via various interface formats, data exchange with upstream or downstream systems is possible

Functionally extensible based on the CLASSIX architecture

Use Juno how and where you like it.

A standard browser and a network connection are all you need to use the application anywhere, irrespective of the end device or operating system.

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