Vulcan – Variant management

Software for the recognition, planning and the use of Variants

Different countries and markets demand different product specifications due to legal requirements, cultural, political or economic differences.

Customers are increasingly relying on strongly design-oriented and individualised products. Buyers of these products formulate different functional requirements. Trends are no longer sustainable but are subject to permanent change. New technical knowledge and techniques are driving new product and development.

These are just few of the challenges the manufacturers are facing in the view of offering a wide variety of individual products at a competitive price.

However, experience has shown that, an increasing number of variants does not develop proportionally with sales growth; rather, massive cost increases result from increasing complexity along the process chain and coordination expenses.

To remain competitive, procedures and tools are needed to help in avoiding the expensive parallel development of many similar products.

We support you with a sustainable variant management.

In the first step, we understand the analysis of the part of your ERP or PDM system by means of our “variance analyser”, which is the automatic part groups generator.

Our “part-specifier” helps to plan the variance of our own products.

The “product configurator” ensures a consistent production of even complex products. In addition, specific prices and costs can be calculated, in order to understandably get a quick offer.

Vulcan is not just a system of experts for experts, but a component of the mass customisation concept, which integrates customers into the process. The customer can select the appropriate option values for him to independently generate an individual product.

Additional link: Product sheet (german)

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