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We understand the fact that consideration, appreciation and recognition are obvious prerequisites for a successful business relationship.

Therefore, these basic principles help us to understand the business of our customers, to find solutions together, and to implement the requirements and preferences optimally.

The partnership-based concentration of knowledge and creativity; combined with a look for the essential success, is highly praised by our partners and motivate us to do more.

The following selection of satisfied ClassiX customers is designed to help you decide on how we can work together.

Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH

Manufacturer of chemical analysis instruments

Titan – ERP System

Communication within the ClassiX systems on 4 continents via web services.

Inventory relief with GESTIN-77


“In 2013, we carried out an inventory sampling with the software GESTIN-77 from Classix for the first time. Trusting the support of ClassiX, we decided to implement the software few weeks to the balance sheet date. Admittedly, all the participants were convinced by the smooth introduction as well as the immense time saved during the recording of the material and merchandise

Elke Slanina, Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH. – November 2014


Strip steel production

Titan – ERP System

High individual self-development based on ClassiX architecture.

Transnorm System GmbH

Manufacturer of conveyor technology

Titan – ERP System

Variant processing from sales to purchasing and production to delivery.

Louis Schierholz GmbH

Manufacturer of conveyor technology

Titan – ERP System

Customization and extensions with in-house staff.

Kartonagen Radowitz

Manufacturer of cardboard boxes

Titan – ERP System

Variant diversity expression for cardboard production.

Konsolen AG

Sheet metal working

Titan – ERP System

System configuration according to Swiss requirements.

Noweda eG

Pharmacists cooperative

Inventory relief with GESTIN-77

Fully automatic integration into the inventory processes of the host system.

Inventory relief with GESTIN-77

Customer-specific adaptations to expand the information of the item master from different sources.

“Since the 1980s, we have been using inventory sampling in our company. However, in 2014, we performed the inventory for the first time with the new software GESTIN-77 from ClassiX. We could use the new features easily and efficiently after a brief familiarization. In addition, the ClassiX support department offers a great service and has always supported us quickly and easily in all questions. Thank you ClassiX for the awesome service. It was the right decision for us to have chosen ClassiX.“

Uwe Krause, Rheinmetall Automotive AG. – October 2014

Hoffmann + Krippner GmbH

Manufacturer of keyboards with electronics and modern touch screen control units

Inventory relief with GESTIN-77


“In 2002, we had already thought about the inventory sampling. However, we decided to hold on to the full inventory till the deadline day, this being the only way to identify the correct stocks. The total cost of the full recording for our 13,000 positions amounted to 100 man-days and the results were often inadequate . But in 2010, after a review and consultation with our auditor, we opted for the inventory sampling and GESTIN-77 software, since this was the easiest to use. Thanks to the excellent advice of Mr. Jung (Head of Sales, ClassiX Software GmbH), we could use the program after half-day training. Since then, we have been able to reduce the cost of our inventory by 95% and improve the quality at the same time. We are very happy and satisfied with the GESTIN-77 software.”

Edmund Kroll, Hoffmann + Krippner GmbH. – November 2014

Hager & Meisinger GmbH

Manufacturer of medical technology

Inventory relief with GESTIN-77


“At Hager & Meisinger, we have been using GESTIN-77 for many years. Meanwhile, after the first inventory sampling, we noticed the large number of differences reported by the software system were almost invariably the result of incorrect counts during the last full inventories. By and large, GESTIN-77 is not only saving us time and money, but also improving the quality of our stocks. We can no longer imagine using the old system of full inventory as we have done earlier.”

Alexander Lianos, Hager & Meisinger GmbH. – April 2015

Kracht GmbH

Manufacturer of pumps

Inventory relief with GESTIN-77


Our inventory covers almost 17,500 positions. More than 10 years ago, we have implemented the transition from the permanent inventory to the inventory sampling. We were able to reduce the time required to carry out our inventory by about 100 man-days. In addition, we could detect and eliminate systemic errors during the storage booking process. Also pure counting errors, which in the past were favored by the monotony of the recurring counting processes, could be minimized. Overall, we have improved the quality of our inventory and reduced our inventory costs with GESTIN-77.”

Jens Vielhaber, Head of Controlling and Finance at Kracht GmbH. –  October 2015

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