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Turning the pyramid cost around.

The adaptation of various BP-themes such as mobile enterprise, big data, IT security, cloud and industry 4.0 with large medium-sized customer companies in using external IT service providers as partners.

The adjustment pressure continues to grow because it is necessary to increase the efficiency process by finding a response to global competition and the development of digital business models.

The shortage of resources, coupled with lack of in-depth knowledge, means that, a substantial part of the company’s IT budget goes into consulting services.

Planned Innovation.

Capgemini surveyed more than 130 companies in its study titled “IT Trends 2015”, and determined the following concrete values: “Around 60% of the funds from these companies flow in software and almost 40% into hardware, 40.5% are spent on operation, services and maintenance, 20.9% for updates, upgrade and extensions, while the same amount of money flows into replacement and redesign. “

This has caused the reduction in resources for the evaluation of innovation (procurement, development, implementation) and implementation of innovation projects.

The breakdown of this allocation of funds makes it rather unlikely that the IT department will function as a company’s process driver in the future. This is more unfortunate since 70% of the IT managers already see themselves as the Chief Innovation Officers and actively promoting the implementation of future-oriented business models (study “Digital Transformation in Germany” by Pierre Audoin consultants) 

Unlimited Flexibility

ClassiX Architecture gives you a reverberation!
We bring more than 30 years of knowledge to the process flows in companies, coupled with methodological competence and a highly flexible development platform for the modelling of digital business processes.

Additionally, our dynamic information, proven reference and efficient process models, are dramatically reducing development and implementation cycles, thereby creating efficient and future-oriented IT landscapes.

Therefore, the best prerequisites to develop your next project for the development of new business processes are with us!

What can ClassiX Architecture do for you?

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