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Insular solutions

Everyone knows them – the insular solutions in the middle of the archipelago of company-wide software solutions.

Each company has insular solutions that have been firmly established over decades. And constantly new ones are added. Their intended tasks solve them perfectly – but only these.

Any change or expansion runs the risk of becoming stranded on another (possibly even new) insular solution.

You have them, you need them, but insular solutions hinder the continuous digitization of processes and close the holistic view of the company: they are just islands.

Software development on an industrial scale

New software has to be different:

  • new functionalities will not be implemented as new, additional islands
  • the connections between existing islands are made possible.

We “compose” software solutions based on our Octopus principle developed CyberEnterprise® digital platform.

What does that mean?

Similar to an industrial production with standardized assemblies, new solutions are only compiled (composed) and therefore programmed to a very small extent.

These standardized apps come from the AppsWarehouse® and are fully interconnected by the CyberEnterprise® digital platform per se.

Every newly developed software solution is no longer an island, because all solutions interact and cooperate with each other. In addition, each solution can be changed by adding or removing apps.

That’s the Octopus principle!

What does this mean for your company? You get a solution

  • which is highly individualized,
  • the costs of which do not exceed the level of so-called “standard solutions”
  • and quickly created and adjusted on an ongoing basis.

Individual software as standard

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Octopus digital platform

Find out how the Octopus principle is realized in our Octopus digital platform.


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