Software development

Standard or Individual Software?

Individual Software can be made to suit the organisational structure and business processes of your company.

Standard Software is characterised by its’ low purchase price and availability. Due to the orientation towards universal corporate structures, the standard software product does not always fit perfectly into an existing company’s structure.

Promoting a connection between the two systems

The words “standardised Individual software“ or “individualised Standard software“ appeared too bulky; hence the reason why we simply named our architectural model after our company- ClassiX.

Our approach to fast and low-risk implementation of a business solution is based on three simple rules:

  1. Understand the processes of our customers
  2. Understand the needs and expectations of users.
  3. Identify and implement the best solutions.

No matter how big is the demand of a company’s data processing today, we always ensure that process changes and functional extensions can be added to your solution in the nearest future conveniently.

This means that the ClassiX architecture is not only modern and flexible, but also a fundamental basis that allows tailor-made applications easily for economic reasons.

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