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Every company is influenced by economic, technological, ecological and societal changes and it is imperative to embed your own business model in this environment. However, to be successful in this field of tension, a dynamic adaptation and efficient processes are required.

The adaptation and integration of new developments and trends automatically lead to the need to adapt the systemic architecture in ever shorter cycles. To achieve this, you need a partner who provides applications that are flexible and expandable, implement the necessary adaptation processes and support their own employees with knowledge transfer.

The ClassiX support, accompanies our maintenance contract with all questions arising in the daily use of our standard and individual solutions. The team consists of employees with years of working experience, and are constantly equipping and developing themselves with the up-to-date programming skills to solve your problems efficiently.

The availability of regular updates, ensured and guaranteed the efficiency, stability, excellent performance and security of the ClassiX applications.

How can we help you?

If you need assistance in setting up or using our software, you can contact our support team as part of your maintenance contract. You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m on +49 40-5305429-50 or +41 61 551076-4.
Alternatively, you can send an E-mail to:

You can find Information on using our Software-Systems

You can find additional technical information on the development and administration of our software-systems at:

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