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NLP DMS with the KLIO App Suite

classix - a class of its own

KLIO provides you with all the information from your documents via chat

Have a chat with our AppsWarehouse documentation in the following chat window! Because we at classix use KLIO ourselves to be able to ask questions about the apps from our AppsWarehouse.

To do this, we trained KLIO with all the documents available on the website.

Try it out for yourself and ask your questions about our apps.

Sample questions:

  • What is a variant part?
  • What is a feature bar?
  • Can I change the output currency of an order confirmation?

You too can use KLIO to make the content of your documents available via the chat interface.

KLIO protects you from this

  1. make their data public in order to train the language models.
  2. receive incorrect information due to hallucinating language models.

KLIO is available as standard in German and English as a cloud solution, as well as on premise. Other languages can be integrated.