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Our innovative Apps fit flexibly into your IT landscape and integrate existing software applications and Excel proliferation to a holistic solution.

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IoT with classix.

The insular solution

Everyone knows it – the insular solution. In the middle of the archipelago of business software solutions.

There are insular solutions in nearly every company, often established over decades. And constantly new ones are added. They flawlessly accomplish their intended tasks – and only these tasks. Any modification or extension might strand on another (possibly evennew) island.

You have them, you need them, but insular solutions interfere with the continuous digitization of processes. And obstruct a holistic view onto the company: they are just islands.

The technical connection approach

Connecting islands is complicated, because every insular solution is unique in itself: Its coastal line, its inner workings, its structures and rules – its evolution. Every island is different from all other islands.

Interfaces mean effort, compromises and maintenance costs. Data must either be held redundantly or are not available. The digital mapping of the business processes cannot be achieved without gaps.

Pure technical connection systems are not able to support the continuous digitization of companies in a holistic way. As technical connection protocols alone do not represent the superordinate structure of a company, the complexity of companies cannot be tackled sufficiently.

Our consolidated business solution

The solution is a central system based on the classix architecture. From all existing insular solutions of a company, data will be collected, organized and standardized according to strictly economic criteria only. This data will be consolidated independently of their respective functionality in its insular solution.

With this flexible classix solution you will be able

  • to get all information of all your systems at any time, from any place and with any device
  • to enrich information, make new connections and evaluate it graphically
  • to detect possible faults and take countermeasures at an early stage
  • to recognize optimization potential by means of simulation
  • to take decisions faster and well-founded

When new tasks arise, you have the choice between integrating another highly specialized insular solution or mapping new functionality inside the central classix system, completely integrated with your existing application.

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Contact us. Put us to the test. We would be glad to explain to you in a personal meeting, why the classix architecture guarantees a holistic view of your company and how it can be introduced in an agile way.

ClassiX gives you a real alternative.
This is IoT.

Holistic. Faster.

Digital transformation mit classix.

The flood of information

There is hardly any information that has not already been digitally recorded.

Starting with Excel files, through isolated applications for special tasks, a central ERP system for basic business tasks, information from machines in your production or at your customers, up to the huge amount of information offered by the World Wide Web: the amount of information and the complexity of data structures is increasing rapidly and steadily.

With the help of mobile devices, business processes are continuously digitalised. The number of new information systems is constantly growing.

Pure digitalization is reaching its limits, more and more isolated applications and interfaces are causing the costs to grow exponentially and the holistic view of the company is being lost. It is becoming increasingly difficult to use technological innovations in a timely manner.

The digital transformation

Digital transformation means understanding the big picture. From the flood of information, the information relevant and important for the own company must be collected and consolidated holistically according to business management criteria. Processes must be mapped beyond system boundaries and new requirements must be seamlessly integrated.

In addition, the speed of the transformation is one of the decisive factors, because every company must face and keep up with today’s rapid technological development. Technical innovations and possibilities must be immediately convertible and applicable.

CyberEnterprise business OS

The CyberEnterprise business OS enables a holistic and fast digital transformation, because its outstanding qualification features are

  • Mastering complexity
  • Consolidate systems
  • Creating flexibility

The digital transformation becomes a holistic reality.
And this very quickly and cost-effectively.

Your benefit

  • access all information sources and services at any time, from any place and with any device
  • Enriching, re-linking and visually evaluating information
  • quickly integrate new information sources and services
  • quickly map changed and new business processes
  • identify possible faults at an early stage and initiate countermeasures
  • Exploiting optimization potential through simulation
  • Make decisions faster and more soundly

Test us

Talk to us. Put us to the test. We would be happy to explain to you in a personal conversation why the CyberEnterprise business OS supports the digital transformation of your company holistically and faster.

With classix, you can get ahead faster.
So the digital transformation reaches its goal.

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