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Vulcan – Variant Management

Vulcan supports you in sustainable variant management.

In a first step we understand this to mean the analysis of your existing parts master data of your ERP or PDM system by means of our Vulcan Variance Analyser, which automatically suggests parts groups and characteristics in order to be able to recognise and order the variance already occurring in your products and parts.

Our apps of the Vulcan Parts Specifier support you in further designing and managing the variance of your products.

The Vulcan Product Configurator ensures a consistent creation of highly complex assets. In addition, prices and costs can be calculated in a targeted manner, enabling you to quickly and comprehensibly arrive at a quotation and later directly control procurement and production.

Advantages at a glance

ClassiX Software GmbH is a member of the VDMA industrial working group for variant management and has contributed significantly to the VDMA guideline “Variant Management”.

Rapid exchange of information with upstream and downstream systems through business process integration.

Design and Management Tool
Comprehensive tools for parts master analysis, design and management of product variants and calculation of prices and costs.

Vulcan has an easy to use application interface and is also available in the

Little effort for installation and operation.

Data exchange with peripheral systems is easily possible via various interface formats.

Through further development based on the CyberEnterprise business OS.

Use your tools, where and how you want.

Regardless of the end device or operating system, you can use your application from anywhere. All you need is a standard browser and a network connection.


Vulcan on premise

Buying license
price per concurrent user
one time
  • CyberEnterprise business OS
  • plus support and update service (1,606.50€/year)

Vulcan on premise

Monthly lease

price per concurrent user and month
for annual payment in advance
  • CyberEnterprise business OS
  • Support and Update Service


Monthly lease SaaS

price per concurrent user and month
for annual payment in advance
  • CyberEnterprise business OS
  • Support and automatic updates