Neural networks with the JANUS App Suite

classix - a class of its own

Detect correlations between parameters

Neural networks (NN) are AI tools that help to model relationships between data and/or events and check their accuracy.

This makes connections visible that were previously unseen or could not be quantified. Whether in the area of maintenance, SCM or product configuration, the insights gained in this way can be used everywhere to make processes leaner and therefore more cost-efficient.

The JANUS App Suite can be used on its own or as an integrated part of other app suites – such as HESTIA WMS, VULCAN Product Configuration or TITAN ERP.

Example: NN for determining missing characteristics in the product configuration

The configuration of assemblies or products is based on the characteristics of functional features. Some characteristics are specified externally – e.g. by customers – or internally for technical reasons or are calculated from the characteristics of other features.

However, there are often also characteristics that are repeatedly re-defined “based on experience from previous years”. It is precisely this “experience” that can be modelled using neural networks, thus increasing the certainty that such characteristics correspond to the most frequently assigned value in the past.

You too can control your processes on the basis of valid findings using AI.

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