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Inventory sampling

Simplify inventory

Inventory sampling with the GESTIN App Suite

Reduce your inventory costs by up to 95 percent. Guided, efficient and simple.

Warehouse management system (WMS)

Control material flow

Warehouse management system (WMS) with the HESTIA App Suite

Accelerate picking and other warehouse processes by efficiently and easily guiding your warehouse staff at the handheld scanner.

Sanctions list check

Avoid danger zone

Sanctions list check with the PYTHIA App Suite

Protect yourself and your company against violations of the embargo regulations. Automatically check all your contacts against the sanctions lists of the EU, USA and other countries.

Variant Management

Mastering product diversity

Variant management turned upside down

Master and design the diversity of your service spectrum far beyond the pure product configuration.

AI based ERP

Map companies

AI based ERP with the TITAN App Suite

Digitally cover all business processes from sales, shipping, purchasing, production and warehouse to financial accounting and cost accounting.

Time Management

Making worktime flexible

Time Management with the EUNOMIA App Suite

Become an attractive employer through flexible working hours and home office offers.

Ticket system

Solve problems

Ticket system with the SALUS App Suite

Increase the satisfaction of your customers with transparent and efficient customer service.

Extended CRM

Lift contacts

Extended CRM with the JUNO App Suite

Increase your market potential by making information about your business contacts available online anytime and anywhere.

Used car trade

Sell cars

Used car trade with the CARPRIO App Suite

Handle the formalities of buying and selling your vehicles quickly and unbureaucratically.


Sell worldwide

Webshop with the HERMES App Suite

Put your products on the Internet quickly and easily.

Document management system (DMS)

Sort files

Document management system (DMS) with the KLIO App Suite

Create order in all your documents.


Calculate business management

Accounting with the PLUTOS App Suite

Become very precise in your financial and asset accounting, your cost accounting and your project controlling.

CyberWorld Apps

World Knowledge

Simply look up

World Knowledge with the ATLAS App Suite

Use worldwide data and standards.

Language Centre

Understand immediately

Language Centre with the KALLIOPE App Suite

Talk to our solutions in natural language

Development platforms

AI platform

Act smarter

Profound knowledge processing with the METIS AI platform

AI as the basis for operational processes and business decisions

Low-code platform (IDE)

Digitise Processes

Individual projects with the PANDORA Low-Code Platform

Finally get the software that simply does not exist. Without always starting from scratch and without reinventing the wheel again and again. With ready-made apps: Holistic and faster.

Online interfaces


Connect directly

Data processing with our online API

Each app

  • is compatible with any other app from the AppsWarehouse
  • can be assembled into a complete solution by adding other apps.
  • can be adapted by any of them without losing release compatibility.

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