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Your benefit

  • Access all information sources and services of the new solution at any time, from any place and with any device
  • Enriching, re-linking and visually evaluating information
  • quickly integrate new information sources and services
  • quickly map changed and new business processes

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The procedure

In the first workshop, a usable prototype is created using prefabricated apps from the AppsWarehouse.

The future users are fully involved in the concrete design and agile further development of the new solution.

Thus, they immediately gain experience with the new solution and can bring this experience back into the development process.

This ensures a fast and successful result.

PANDORA Low-Code Platform

The Pandora-Low-Code Platform enables the rapid development of new applications.

And these are the advantages:

  • Over 1600 apps as a starting point.
  • Immediate use of one or more prototypes.
  • Agile further development incl. version security to standard.
  • Application code is Open Source.
  • Further development also through your own IT.
  • Minimal IT knowledge required.
  • Any number of parallel test or training systems.
  • Zero technical administration.


IntraTrack” is short for Intranet Tracking. It is about managing all testing/measuring equipment of Deutsche Telekom’s technical field service in/via the Deutsche Telekom intranet. It has been like this since 2003.

As with any application, user requirements grow over time (especially in terms of ergonomics), boundary conditions change due to organisational changes – and everything is always to be implemented very suddenly.

Then came IntraTrack² from classix!

The schedule was tight: the new, object-oriented data model was already installed on 16 December and accepted on 21 December 2016.

Since March 2017, IntraTrack² had already been running in live operation for the demand enquiry, and shortly afterwards also for the delivery of new devices. IntraTrack² was fully online from 3 November.

The agreed completion date for IntraTrack² was met, and after acceptance on 1 December 2017, the system was in regular operation.

The core of the system is the lifecycle management with test equipment monitoring (calibration/maintenance) as well as service in the event of malfunctions and ordering of spare parts and accessories. This also includes permanent inventory and, at the end, scrapping.

IntraTrack² and IntraTrackplietsch – the smart device version for the technician on site – are constantly being ergonomically optimised and expanded. The supply of the technical field service with testing/measuring equipment is 100% guaranteed.

With classix, we have gained a partner who competently meets our requirements quickly in an agile approach – also in the future.”

Horst Sitz
Project Manager Deutsche Telekom AG,
October 2019

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Application Platform


Get to know CyberEnterprise as a digital and highly structured model of a company. With this knowledge it is much easier for you to develop new applications quickly and efficiently.


Let yourself be guided by more than 1600 apps from all areas of a company. These best practice solutions no longer leave you alone in creating powerful IT processes.


Work with InstantView, a DSL scripting language to quickly create new apps or customize existing apps via inheritance.


Extensive tutorials help you to quickly get familiar with the ClassiX architecture.

Advantages at a glance

Develop applications at runtime.

Applications can be used immediately as desktop or browser solutions without restrictions or lengthy transformations.

Zero definition and zero administration. Save and link data objects on the fly.

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Each app

  • is compatible with any other app from the AppsWarehouse
  • can be assembled into a complete solution by adding other apps.
  • can be adapted by any of them without losing release compatibility.

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We would be pleased to show you in a personal conversation how you can implement your development projects faster with our solutions.

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