Faster development

Pandora – IDE

Powerful development and application platform


Get to know CyberEnterprise as a digital and highly structured model of a company. With this knowledge it is much easier for you to develop new applications quickly and efficiently.


Let yourself be guided by more than 1500 apps from all areas of a company. These best practice solutions no longer leave you alone in creating powerful IT processes.


Work with InstantView, a DSL scripting language to quickly create new apps or customize existing apps via inheritance.


Extensive tutorials help you to quickly get familiar with the ClassiX architecture.

Advantages at a glance

Develop applications at runtime.

Applications can be used immediately as desktop or browser solutions without restrictions or lengthy transformations.

Zero definition and zero administration. Save and link data objects on the fly.

Use your tools, where and how you want.

Regardless of the end device or operating system, you can use your application from anywhere. All you need is a standard browser and a network connection.

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