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classix - a class of its own

Our fixed point

Building a holistic, digital model of companies.

This has been our concern for over 25 years.

For us it is no longer just a matter of developing functionality for functionality. We ask the question of commonality in order to develop more efficient apps.

For us, it is no longer just about collecting more and more data. We want to understand data better to make AI and natural language processing usable for companies.

The result of our research and development is our powerful and flexible CyberEnterprise® business OS.

So that IT can be used faster.

classix – a class of its own.

Our way


Foundation of Brenner Datensysteme GmbH for the development of business management software for IBM middleware (/34, /36, /38, RS6000)


AppsWarehouse, CyberEnterprise, InstantView and ClassiX registered as trademarks.


Newly founded as ClassiX Software GmbH with 500 TDM venture capital to develop an object-oriented framework for business applications.


Exclusively venture capital financed SW development. Proof of concept with a pilot customer.


Finalist of the "Object Application Award" in the ObjectWorld competition of Computerwoche.


Finalist in the IBM "Solutions 1996" competition.


Roll-out of the world's first fully object-oriented ERP system to Transnorm System GmbH.


Entry of swisslog AG as provider of further venture capital.


Roll out one of the world's first web shops for the Zurich free warehouse.


Development expenses exceed the € 3.5 million.


More than 1,000 apps.


More than 1,500 apps.


GESTIN-77 inventory sampling as a new proprietary development after the takeover of the business of bk GmbH.


Worldwide networking of Titan ERP with administration of a central parts master and a central basic price list. Parallel management of different transliterations of the same address data.


MorphIT technology for cloud applications.


Contract from Deutsche Telekom AG for the new development of a web-based measuring equipment management for the technical field service.


Release of the classix.cloud.


Project Atlas for the storage of world knowledge.


Project Kalliope for multilingual natural language processing.


Cloud API und Multiplexer Apps


Arbeitsgemeinschaft für wirtschaftliche Verwaltung e.V.
(Working group for economic Administration e.V.)

Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.
(Association of German Machinery and Plant construction e.V.)

Telecommunications company

Meter management of the technical field service

IntraTrack is the short form of Intranet Tracking. It is used to manage all test and measurement equipment used by Deutsche Telekom’s technical field service in/via the Deutsche Telekom intranet. It has been like this since 2003.

As with any application, user requirements grow over time (especially in terms of ergonomics), the boundary conditions change due to organizational changes – and everything always has to be implemented very suddenly.

Then came IntraTrack² from ClassiX!

The schedule was tight: The new, object-oriented data model was already installed on 16 December and accepted on 21 December 2016.

Since March 2017, the demand inquiry was already running in IntraTrack² in live operation, followed shortly afterwards by the delivery of new devices. From November 3rd on IntraTrack² was fully online.

The agreed production date for IntraTrack² was kept, after acceptance on December 1, 2017, regular operation was given.

The core element is the lifecycle management with test equipment monitoring (calibration/maintenance) as well as service in case of malfunction and spare parts and accessories orders. This also includes the permanent inventory and, at the end, scrapping..

IntraTrack² and IntraTrackplietsch – the Smart Device version for the technician on site – are constantly being ergonomically optimized and expanded. The supply of the technical field service with testing/measuring equipment is 100% guaranteed.

With ClassiX we have gained a partner who competently meets our requirements in an agile approach – and continues to do so – quickly.”.

Horst Sitz, Project Manager Deutsche Telekom AG, October 2019

Shipbuilding company

Inventory simplification and inventory facilitation with software for inventory sampling


Automotive supplier

Inventory simplification and inventory facilitation with software for inventory sampling

Customer-specific adaptations to extend the information of the parts master from various sources.

“We have been using inventory sampling in the company since the 1980s. In 2014 we carried out the inventory for the first time with the new software GESTIN-77 from ClassiX. We were able to use the new features easily and efficiently after a short period of getting used to it. In addition, the support department of ClassiX offers a great service, which has always supported us quickly and uncomplicatedly in all questions. I would like to thank you very much for this. It was the right decision to choose ClassiX.”

Uwe Krause

Pharmacy Cooperative

Inventory simplification and inventory facilitation with software for inventory sampling

Fully automated integration into the inventory processes of the host system.