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World Knowledge with the Atlas App Suite

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World Knowledge

Our Atlas App Suite brings together all apps* from our AppsWarehouse that provide general knowledge.

This includes ISO/DIN standardised information on countries, languages, currencies, units, etc., but also data that is made generally available on the internet by various national or international institutions.

Atlas consolidates world knowledge and makes it easier for companies to further qualify their own operational knowledge, processes, systems and data with this fundamental knowledge.

Atlas is of course based on our digital platform CyberEnterprise.

(*This page is currently still under construction, please be patient until all apps and API’s are activated).

Use these free apps to digitally transform your company

Calculate with automatic conversion of units

Comparison of business partners with international sanctions lists

Time zones, countries, states and their calendars

Use your tools, where and how you want.

Regardless of the end device or operating system, you can use your application from anywhere. All you need is a standard browser and a network connection.

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Start for free in our cloud and use our sanctions list app PYTHIA to check your business partners automatically and regularly.