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Home office app

Brief overview

Recording of the times of different types of employment (work, other and break statement) in the home office.  For Other, differentiate between paid (e.g. doctor or official/office work) and unpaid.

Duration of employment can be entered manually or by clock.

Quick overview of all recorded occupations with export of the data as a file. This file can, for example, be sent to the employer by e-mail as proof of employment.

(Data export of the app can be imported and processed by the paid EUNOMIA time management software.)

Data security

No data use by anyone other than the user himself. Data protection is therefore completely guaranteed.

App has no permissions or access to any data (e.g. contacts, photos), internal functions or resources (e.g. GPS positioning, camera, microphone) of the used device.

Therefore no data use by anyone but the user himself. Data protection is therefore completely guaranteed.

App can be used immediately without installation. Runs in the browser on SmartPhone, Tablet or PC (as PWA (Progressive Web App)) and can be integrated via the browser option “Add to Start Screen”.

Can be used completely autonomously without Internet connection.

Time management for working time and project accounting

With EUNOMIA you finally manage to intelligently link presence and absence times with time sheets for projects.

This saves you time and double entries are a thing of the past.

Personnel and project controlling work with exactly the same data.

Extensive working time models that can be defined for individual employees provide an exact image of the available working time. Intelligent date formats – such as Monday to Thursday except public holidays – greatly simplify the management of absences.

The assignment of employees to work areas, groups or cost centers, the assignment of time sheets to orders or projects offer an unsurpassed basis for accurate accounting.

Advantages at a glance

Employee satisfaction
EUNOMIA offers tailor-made working time models for each individual employee.

Home Office App
Employees can accurately record work in the home office – without loss of privacy.

Precise evaluations for strategic personnel development planning.

Attendance, absence and project-related working times can be recorded and processed as required.

Recording of working time models and absences is greatly simplified by intelligent date formats.

Through business process integration, use of time data in costing and capacity planning.

Little effort for installation and operation.

Data exchange with upstream or downstream systems is easily possible via various interface formats.

Functionally expandable through development based on the CyberEnterprise business OS.

Use your tools, where and how you want.

Regardless of the end device or operating system, you can use your application from anywhere. All you need is a standard browser and a network connection.

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Eunomia - Time Management App

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