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For some it is a solution kit, for us classix is a complete development framework for business applications. While most classix customers purchase applications from classix and adapt them to their needs if necessary, StratOz develops independent solutions with the classix framework.

What makes classix for us?

With classix, it is possible for us to generate easily maintainable code in a very short time that is tailored to our and our customers’ needs. The database accesses are encapsulated and play no role for the developer for the time being, as is often the case in other modern rapid application development frameworks. What distinguishes classix at this point is the scope. There are many frameworks that are specialized in the development of DB driven CRUD applications. But classix also offers us business logic and a very complete class model as a basis for developing business applications. A complete unit calculation, calculation with date formats and time periods, conversion of textual data into objects is connected with a high implementation effort in many frameworks. classix offers us these functionalities already in the standard version. The object-oriented DB enables us to represent reality in software down to the data storage level. If the business logic changes, classix remains highly flexible. Additional fields, if necessary also per object, do not require a schema change, as is often the case with other database systems.

With all the “standard applications” that classix already delivers and which serve as examples for our own implementation, it is important for us and our customers that the program logic and the interface can be individually adapted. The structure in classes and modules with the possibility of inheritance supports us in this. The still quite “young” provider concept and messaging complete the framework, so that code does not have to be written several times (DRY – Don’t repeat yourself) and also an exchange of information can take place across modules. The development tools (parser, Eclipse plugin) are provided by classix as a manufacturer. The modular structure is completed by MophIT, which translates the already written code for the development of the rich client application into a web application. For this, classix relies on current standards from the field of web applications (node.js, Websockets, Angular). Also own web service implementations for the exchange of data are developed in a short time.

The continuous, project-driven further development of the basic source code is provided in the form of “diff updates”. This means that when changes are made to the base, only the differences between application logic and source code need to be considered. This saves us and our customers in operation from annoying, extensive updates with high downtimes. Due to the inheritance concept, innovations in the base are also available in derived modules immediately after integration of the new source code. Even intervention during operation is possible through the self-implemented language InstantView, so that debugging and tests are also possible in the running systems.

Bottom line:

classix offers not only a good framework for accelerating development, but above all a methodology for mapping reality in business applications. The constant, project-driven development keeps the source code young and the diff updates keep our customers up-to-date. We do not regard classix as a supplier only, but consider them a competent and reliable partner for the development of our solutions.

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Bandstahl Service Hagen

BSH is a medium-sized steel service center.

The apps from the classix AppsWarehouse form the basis of our warehouse management system. At the start in 2002, we initially started with adapted apps and completely new extensions. Since then, new individual requirements have been continuously developed by our own IT department.

The simplicity of the CyberEnterprise business OS benefits us in this respect. The script language InstantView is very easy to learn. It is an interpreter language developed by classix that does not require compiling. This facilitates the development enormously, because changes to the source code can be reloaded immediately in real time without having to restart the complete application.

Due to the object-oriented data storage, all “data records” in the database are stored as a kind of data network, which makes “rumjoining” like in relational databases a thing of the past.

The database is absolutely maintenance-free. Our first database reorganization took place after 15 years of operation due to the change to 64bit.

Since we do not have classic article and parts lists, we rely on the flexible structure of the CyberEnterprise enterprise model.  In order to meet the ever growing customer requirements, a (rigid) standard industry software is out of the question for us.

Not least because of the power of the CyberEnterprise business OS, we were one of the first steel service centers to be certified according to the strict automotive standard IATF 16949.

Kartonagen Radowitz

The CyberEnterprise business OS gives us great freedom for customization and in-house development.

In short iteration cycles we drive the digital transformation agile in-house.

We succeed in mapping our reality and new requirements – with a high level of acceptance from the specialist departments – cleanly and solidly.

We also use ready-made best-practice processes from the AppsWarehouse.

Not only do we reach the level of the market of common industry software, we exceed it in part.

Sebastian Wilke