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Dual studies – a great concept.

We are happy that Tobias Schulz started his dual studies as a web developer in October at ClassiX Software GmbH.

And this is what he says: “As a rather practice-oriented person, I prefer studying at a technical college to studying at a university.

Via the company portal of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences I discovered the ClassiX Software GmbH and quickly realised that I had found what I was looking for: An agile company that simplifies the work at companies with their products and pushes their increasingly important digitalisation without becoming confusing in any way.

When I applied for a voluntary holiday job, I was also impressed by the pleasant working atmosphere and the friendly and helpful colleagues, which is why I was already looking forward to my dual studies at the ClassiX Software GmbH during my school years and have now been going to work with pleasure for a little over a month.”

Your classix Team

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