What we do differently

classix - a class of its own

Always new solutions?

The solution is you.

That is why we do not sell you inflexible software packages without knowing your business. Rather, we deal with your requirements and build a suitable solution for you.

The implementation of a CyberEnterprise solution is based on a detailed understanding of the processes, functions and data in your company. That is why the first step is always a joint analysis in close cooperation with your experts.

In joint workshops we will guide you through the analysis of your business processes. We help you to work out the relevant connections between your data. We will question your traditional structures and together we will adapt them to your objectives. With our object-oriented view and experience in abstracting to the essentials, we efficiently support the solution finding process.

In our approach, you must tell us exactly what you are doing, how you are doing it, why you are doing it and what you need. In this way we ensure that you receive the solution that best meets your requirements.

Our approach to the fast and low-risk implementation of a business management solution is based on three simple rules:

  • Understanding our customers’ processes.
  • Understand the requirements and expectations of the users.
  • Identify the solution paths and implement the best one.

A CyberEnterprise solution is characterized by

  • Software optimally aligned to individual business processes.
  • Fast, secure and technically high-quality implementation.
  • Possibility for continuous, flexible adaptation of processes and data structures.

We keep you fit.

Through adaptability.

A software must be of almost unlimited quality. Because only a flexible solution for your requirements can dynamically change the company in which it is used.

Do you know what your company will look like in five years? Neither do we.

With average standard solutions, you control your current business processes with yesterday’s functions.

It’s different with CyberEnterprise. No matter what the demands on a company’s data processing are, we guarantee that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow changes and extensions can be made without great effort.

Because the number and variations of the modules we create are not subject to any limits. So, do not hesitate to make great demands on us. After all, we have the same high demands.

Business processes and their processing, classic commercial applications, must be constantly changed and updated. This is how companies remain competitive. Traditional software systems reach their limits.

Don't be average.

Be the standard.

Set a new standard. The one that’s best for your business. All you have to do is follow simple business logic: Use only what you really need for your business. Leave out what you don’t need.

As simple as this principle sounds, as simple is the implementation for the software in your company with CyberEnterprise.

Basis for our software is an object oriented architecture. Its strength lies in the perfect adaptability to your needs. Because unlike conventional software, CyberEnterprise adapts to the requirements of your company in a holistic way. You may not know the exact requirements yet, but together with you we will understand them and learn to implement them.

Successful business processes are based on a reasonable mixture of individuality and standards.

CyberEnterprise builds individual business solutions from a standard toolbox.

There are requirements.

And there is CyberEnterprise.

Requirements are there to be met. If you have problems with your in-house software, there is CyberEnterprise.

CyberEnterprise, as a complete business management software, is predestined for medium-sized and large companies in manufacturing, trade and services.

With CyberEnterprise, you are easily able to cover the entire business processes of a company. This is done by means of ready-made modules:

  • Finance,
  • Cost and performance accounting,
  • Workflow,
  • Project management,
  • Production planning and control,
  • Distribution,
  • Procurement,
  • Asset management,
  • Materials management,
  • Web shop,
  • product data management,
  • Process planning,
  • Maintenance,
  • E-procurement,
  • Configurator,
  • DMS,
  • CRM,
  • SCM,
  • BDE,
  • QM,

and the integration of all MS Office applications and special solutions.

CyberEnterprise is the more effective, flexible and economical software solution for almost all companies. Especially the high degree of abstraction of the basic model enables transparency and manageability, despite a large functional range.

Talk to us about your challenges and we will show you how you can solve them with CyberEnterprise in a tailor-made way.

Technology always works.

If you have the right one.

The software crisis is due to one main cause: Very few companies work with object-oriented business models. This is the only way to gain direct access to information.

Once the processes, functions, data and their relations have been defined in the joint workshop, it is a simple task for us to map your specific solution in the CyberEnterprise. The object-oriented structure allows an immediate start-up of the installed sub-processes and functions.

This results in accelerated usage and a reduction of risks and costs.

The InstantView development environment integrated in the CyberEnterprise is used to visualize the data and interaction of the user with the objects. This enables adjustments to be made in the system at runtime.

Another fixed component of CyberEnterprise is an object-oriented database. It guarantees highly flexible processing and visualization options for company data and information. That not only sounds good, but it is.

With CyberEnterprise you work faster, more efficiently and much more cost effectively.