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You buy from the big ones and you get more security than with the small ones?

All processes, all data of a company are determined by the ERP system used. And since you can’t even exchange an ERP system, you are dependent on the ERP system for years.

So a change of the ERP system is always something like that: whether you like it or not, you become dependent on the new manufacturer again. (With the previous ERP system you already were).

And because of this dependency you might think that a big supplier offers you more security e.g. in terms of future security, support, error corrections, etc.

But is that always the case? We have had a number of enquiries from companies whose ERP systems have simply been removed from the product range of “big” companies. Or whose ERP system is only extended via interfaces to other purchased sub-systems.

Ultimately, it should only be a question of which system can best support your own needs. Let’s get into the conversation.

Your classix Team

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