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Just in time for the corona crisis: sample inventory GESTIN-77 recertified in the cloud

At the end of June 2020 GESTIN-77 was again certified by an internationally renowned auditing firm. The certification was carried out in the cloud.
Use GESTIN-77 in the cloud quickly and easily in the corona crisis.

“…Due to the Corona restrictions this
[the taking of inventory] is only partially possible or not possible at all. Although the inventory does not necessarily have to be carried out on the balance sheet date, if the legal restrictions continue to apply, the subsequent inventory cannot be carried out as required. The current exceptional situation is even leaving even the Chamber of Public Accountants at a loss: “It may be sufficient to carry out an inventory sampling, it recently announced.

Quote from: by Carola Rinker

Your classix Team

GESTIN-77 - Stichprobeninventur Zertifikat
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GESTIN-77 - Stichprobeninventur Zertifikat