High Performance

Speed with continuous flexibility

It is common practice that not all requirements are fully known at the beginning of a project or changes that may occur during the implementation process. The existing software solutions also have to face constantly changing framework conditions and the continuous improvement process (CIP) applied to software specifically.

Our usable Apps from the AppsWarehouse®, our reference models and our agile approach, lead to a very fast and evolutionary implementation of software projects. Each new test version, often delivered at a few days intervals, becomes functional immediately and helps to avoid possible errors.

Traditional terms such as standard or individual software no longer fit into this scenario.

This new flexibility and speed in the implementation of software projects follows the Octopus principle.


We will be happy to explain to you, the advantages of our fast and flexible approach based on your specific requirements. Let us advise you!

Octopus digital platform

Find out how the Octopus principle is realized in our Octopus digital platform.


Find an overview about our concept and ideas at www.cyberenterprise.de

ClassiX Architecture

Further technical information on our innovative architecture can be found at www.instantview.org

Our AppsWarehouse®

Instantly usable apps can be found at www.appswarehouse.de

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