Intelligent Applications

Break the boundaries of traditional enterprise software

Intelligent applications divide the functionality of each solution into smaller, self-contained and independent elements. These are designed in such a way – comparable to an industrial production with standardized components – they lead to different application solutions through different combinations.

The apps in its part make use of intelligent business objects, which are the smallest units for mapping of business processes and procedures.

The collected  applications can quickly adapt their functional scope to changing business processes by changing, removing or adding apps once they are ready. The boundaries of traditional business software such as ERP, CRM or SCM are fully resolved.

This follows the Octopus principle.

Our applications cover all business requirements of a company,  including partner and item management, marketing and sales, purchasing, production, materials management, financial accounting and controlling.

The high quality of the standardized applications, which have been tested for stability for many years under use, reduces the risk of introducing new or changing existing applications to a minimum level. This guarantees a high performance of your software projects.

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