Octopus Principle

Watch this wonderful video about Octopus Principle:

We have modelled our innovative software with these highly amazing attributes of the Octopus mollusk.

Our software has different inner structure just like Octopus. Thus, become an architecture that differs from that of conventional business software such as ERP, CRM or SCM.

  • The distribution of the Octopus brain to the limbs, their independence and communication ability among each other correspond to the distribution of the functionality of our software on self-operating applications.
  • The rigid skeletal structure (fixed data structures of SQL databases) is replaced by dynamic data structures and an object-oriented database.
  • We have mapped the action based on behavioural libraries in the form of stored regulatory systems.
  • The appearance of an octopus can be customised in color and shape with easy modification of user interfaces for any end-user devices (Desktop, tablet, smartphone etc.).

The Octopus principle applied in our architecture also leads to the highest degree of flexibility in our software solutions.

For us, the Octopus Princple stands for

  1. Mastering complexity
  2. Apply flexibility
  3. Use intelligence

Our innovative and holistic business software can adapt quickly to changing requirements. Furthermore, completely new business segments or  models can be integrated easily into an existing software solutions with the help of our intelligent applications.

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