StratOz GmbH has been the specialist for business engineering since 1984. The medium-sized company from Schwerte / Ruhr, with its solution’s portfolio for digital information and management expertise, ensures the important and correct changes in companies. With the holistic approach of the business transformation, the StratOz experts cover the organisational, technical and social requirements of effective and efficient business processes and leave-room for future company developments.

„You do not tailor your work to suit our solution, instead – we shape our solution to suit your work!“

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Kupka, Founder and Managing Director


As one of Germany’s leading specialists in software leasing, MMV Leasing is a traditional partner to medium-sized companies. Thanks to the flexibility of ClassiX Software GmbH in licensing, we are able to create attractive financing models that can be of interest from a tax perspective and which can be used to protect the liquidity and credit of ClassiX customers.

Alexander Prause, Sales Manager, MMV Leasing GmbH Hamburg


Matureware is  a competent and efficient supplier of warehouse logistics solutions. We have competent employees with more than 40 years of professional and project experience, well-developed software products and method competence. We attach great importance to the dialogue with our customers and developed solutions that are customer-specific and not supply-specific with them. Fairness and reliability are at the top of our agenda.

Our partnership with ClassiX has existed for many years and is characterised by a common understanding of values and qualities. This makes it easy for us to offer ClassiX with the best recommendations to our customers in our portfolio.


Dipl.-Ing. ETH Max Thommen, Managing Director